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Whose Job Is It?

A few weeks ago, three little girls stopped coming to the children’s services at a local church. Nothing had angered them or their mother, but things had changed slightly at home. The girls would be staying with their grandparents on the weekends for a while. No more children’s church.

Was it the pastor’s job to tell those little girls we missed seeing them every week. Perhaps, but I rather doubt he was the reason they came so faithfully.

Was it his job to call on their mother, who does not attend our church, to convince her it might be worth the trouble to let the girls keep coming? Maybe, but would he be as convincing as someone who could tell her twins apart?

You may not be the pastor. You may not even be the youth or children’s worker, but you are still important. God can use you to touch others.

The next issue of The Church Herald and Holiness Banner is just getting into the editing process, but in early April please join us for to celebrate how God works through the church — the people, pastor and laymen included — to bring people into His family. The Banner will feature several testimonies from new Christians, and here on the blog we will have exciting posts to share. (Coming Monday: “Barabbas” by Michelle Avery)


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