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A Day In The Life Of A . . . Graphic Designer

The task of publishing The Way, Truth, and Life Sunday school curriculum and The Church Herald and Holiness Banner requires a wide range of talents. There must be someone to research and plan the course of the curriculum, someone to write lessons and instructions for teachers, someone to develop activities for various age levels, and someone to put all that information together in a sensible and appealing way before it can go to the printers.

This job belongs to three very talented ladies in our graphic design department. They take all the stories, pictures, articles, and doctrinal works the editorial department sends their way and turn them into a monthly magazine and quarterly Sunday school materials.

7:00 a.m. – Arrive, turn on computer, and chat about the day’s plans.

7:10 – Gather for prayer.

7:20 – Open files program and finish work from yesterday.

8:15 – Scan line drawings into art program, begin adding shading and textures.

9:33 – Answer phone call from editorial department.

9:35 – Open current Banner file to rework announcements page and fit in late information.

9:50 – Return to work on more pictures.

10:00 – Take a break. Visit the bookstore.

10:10 – Return to work on still more pictures.

11:00 – Receive full quarter of Opening the Word material.

11:05 – Find suitable picture for front cover and begin working on it — border, title, position, etc.

11:45 – Begin laying out the text.

12:00 – Lunch time!

1:00 – Back to work on the text layout.

1:17 – Call editorial department with question.

1:25 – Return to work on text layout.

3:40 – Take a break from text layout to consult list of extra reading suggestions for the book chosen to feature on the back cover.

3:45 – Request a copy of the book from the bookstore. Scan in the book’s cover to use in special feature.

4:20 – Complete back cover book feature. Return to work on text layout.

4:55 – Save the day’s work and begin closing programs.

5:00 – Say goodbye and head home!

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Did You Know . . .

That the first recorded book printing was in the late 800s? This was on a block press and was almost 600 years before Gutenberg’s famous movable type printing press.

These days, things are very different. Graphic design is done on computers, transferred to plates, and printed on huge rolls of paper instead of individual sheets. Yet in th more than a thousand years since that first book was printed, the message of salvation has not changed.

That is one thing no one can improve. His plan is perfect.

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After Easter

By Mark Avery — General Manager and Editor at Herald and Banner Press and Bookstore in Overland Park, Kansas.

Resurrection Sunday is past. How quickly the routine changes back to normal. How sad that so many people who are close to the Easter celebration fail to participate in resurrection power.

I was privileged to preach the Easter sermon this year, yet now I am wondering. Not wondering about the content of the message, for it was accurate biblically and doctrinally, but I am wondering from a practical point of view.

The gospel is intensely practical. The good news of Jesus Christ changes lives. Yet some people know the story without knowing the reality of serving a living Saviour.

The very day after Easter, Jesus walked to Emmaus with a couple of men. They did not recognize Him, and He asked them some very probing question. In their responses, they stated that they had heard that Jesus had risen from the grave, but for reasons I do not understand, they did not bother to check out the reports. They did not go to the grave.

Then upon talking to Jesus and finally recognizing Him, they hurried back to Jerusalem, proclaiming the resurrection.

How sad. We talk about Easter and proclaim our belief in the resurrection, yet too often our lives fail to reflect resurrection power. I am asking God to make a difference in my life. Easter should not be just an annual observance. Easter should be a way of life!

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April is Here, Summer Approaches

April is here. The showers have begun quite strongly in our part of the world at least, and soon we will be enjoying the flowers that result. Perhaps we should change the “April showers bring May flowers” cliché though.

Summer Approaches. As camp meeting season approaches, remember that spring prayers bring true summer revival.

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Prayer Time

It is very easy to treat prayer as a last resort. When we can do nothing more to remedy some problem, we pray and ask God to fix it. However, that is not quite the way God had it planned.

In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve, and they simply enjoyed one another’s company. In the New Testament, Christ often retreated to a mountain to refresh Himself with prayer.

Prayer is like water. If you wait until you have used up all the water within you before you drink some more, you will not make it. A regular dose of prayer keeps a Christian ready for unexpected challenges which often arise with little time left to hit our knees.

During our morning prayer time at Herald and Banner, we regularly pray for protection and strength for our workers. Today, that will be especially useful as one of those workers takes to the roof to fix some leaks discovered during recent heavy rains.

Thank God for water — even as it drips from the ceiling — and for prayer that readies us to serve Him.

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By Michelle Avery — Editorial Assistant at Herald and Banner Press and Bookstore in Overland Park, Kansas.

John Nicholson and Sam Hill had never met before, but because of a packed town in the late 1800s, the two salesmen shared a hotel room. When one discovered the other was a Christian brother, they were thrilled.

They talked long into the night about how helpful it would be to other Christian salesmen to have some way of keeping in contact with one another. By the next morning, they had determined to found an association to allow others the same fellowship they had found.

But then they left the hotel and immediately forgot. It was more than half a year later before they met up again and in embarrassment admitted their inaction. They chose a date for their first meeting and set out to invite other salesmen to attend.

The meeting was attended by a grand total of three men. The newly formed association was not discouraged though, and the three gentlemen started by appointing themselves to leadership. President John Nicholson, Vice President Sam Hill, and Secretary-Treasurer William Knights next decided a name might be important for their group and so chose that of an Old Testament conqueror, Gideon.

Bible placement seems to be the most visible part of the association’s ministry, but it is not by any means the only part. “Winning commercial traveling men for Christ” has always been their goal. With now more than 100,000 salesmen believing “in the Bible as the inspired Word of God” and having “received Christ as their personal Savior,” they are achieving their goal.

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Thank God It’s Friday

Fridays are wonderful days. The work week is ending, the weekend is beginning. Fridays are terrific! So why does this particular Friday get the name Good Friday? Well, mostly because there once was a Friday so uncommonly rotten, every one since has been good!

Secret meetings, a midnight trial, beatings, mobs — a nightmare was beginning even before the sun came up. The Healer of illness and personal disaster was being falsely accused. Worse yet, the only perfect man who had ever ministered to outcasts was being wrongly convicted. It was wrong and even done improperly, but still He would be executed in such a horrible way.

It was Friday. A rotten, wrong-filled Friday, but it would be OK.

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.

(Coming Monday: “Gideon” by Michelle Avery)

P.S. You might want to check into The Church Herald and Holiness Banner. The April edition includes some special testimonies from new Christians. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter!

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