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Thank God It’s Friday

Fridays are wonderful days. The work week is ending, the weekend is beginning. Fridays are terrific! So why does this particular Friday get the name Good Friday? Well, mostly because there once was a Friday so uncommonly rotten, every one since has been good!

Secret meetings, a midnight trial, beatings, mobs — a nightmare was beginning even before the sun came up. The Healer of illness and personal disaster was being falsely accused. Worse yet, the only perfect man who had ever ministered to outcasts was being wrongly convicted. It was wrong and even done improperly, but still He would be executed in such a horrible way.

It was Friday. A rotten, wrong-filled Friday, but it would be OK.

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.

(Coming Monday: “Gideon” by Michelle Avery)

P.S. You might want to check into The Church Herald and Holiness Banner. The April edition includes some special testimonies from new Christians. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter!


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