Prayer Time

It is very easy to treat prayer as a last resort. When we can do nothing more to remedy some problem, we pray and ask God to fix it. However, that is not quite the way God had it planned.

In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve, and they simply enjoyed one another’s company. In the New Testament, Christ often retreated to a mountain to refresh Himself with prayer.

Prayer is like water. If you wait until you have used up all the water within you before you drink some more, you will not make it. A regular dose of prayer keeps a Christian ready for unexpected challenges which often arise with little time left to hit our knees.

During our morning prayer time at Herald and Banner, we regularly pray for protection and strength for our workers. Today, that will be especially useful as one of those workers takes to the roof to fix some leaks discovered during recent heavy rains.

Thank God for water — even as it drips from the ceiling — and for prayer that readies us to serve Him.


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