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A Day In The Life Of A . . . Graphic Designer

The task of publishing The Way, Truth, and Life Sunday school curriculum and The Church Herald and Holiness Banner requires a wide range of talents. There must be someone to research and plan the course of the curriculum, someone to write lessons and instructions for teachers, someone to develop activities for various age levels, and someone to put all that information together in a sensible and appealing way before it can go to the printers.

This job belongs to three very talented ladies in our graphic design department. They take all the stories, pictures, articles, and doctrinal works the editorial department sends their way and turn them into a monthly magazine and quarterly Sunday school materials.

7:00 a.m. – Arrive, turn on computer, and chat about the day’s plans.

7:10 – Gather for prayer.

7:20 – Open files program and finish work from yesterday.

8:15 – Scan line drawings into art program, begin adding shading and textures.

9:33 – Answer phone call from editorial department.

9:35 – Open current Banner file to rework announcements page and fit in late information.

9:50 – Return to work on more pictures.

10:00 – Take a break. Visit the bookstore.

10:10 – Return to work on still more pictures.

11:00 – Receive full quarter of Opening the Word material.

11:05 – Find suitable picture for front cover and begin working on it — border, title, position, etc.

11:45 – Begin laying out the text.

12:00 – Lunch time!

1:00 – Back to work on the text layout.

1:17 – Call editorial department with question.

1:25 – Return to work on text layout.

3:40 – Take a break from text layout to consult list of extra reading suggestions for the book chosen to feature on the back cover.

3:45 – Request a copy of the book from the bookstore. Scan in the book’s cover to use in special feature.

4:20 – Complete back cover book feature. Return to work on text layout.

4:55 – Save the day’s work and begin closing programs.

5:00 – Say goodbye and head home!


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