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Mother of Pearl

Pearls are beautiful things created under immense pressure. They are much sought after and greatly prized, but did you know there is a mother in every pearl’s life?

“Mother of Pearl,” or nacre, is the iridescent lining of some mollusks’ shells. Much like the stone it surrounds, Mother of Pearl is lovely and has been used by man for many years. Buttons, trinkets, and man-made pearls are some of the uses, but this shiny covering is much more important before man sees it.

Mother of pearl is the lining that keeps a little pearl safe. Layers of this pretty substance grow around a mollusk, forming its shell and growing with it. Predators are blocked. The mollusk is protected, yet allowed to grow. Even irritants are smoothed away; sometimes this mother of pearl even surrounds some small bothersome particle and places it within the mollusk where great pressure turns it into a splendid pearl.

No wonder it is called a mother — protecting, enabling, surrounding, and beautifying.

This Sunday, be sure to celebrate the mothers in your life. Monday, do not forget to join us for the May holinessbanner articles and updates.

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