Consequently . . .

By Leta Witt — pastor’s wife and free-lance writer from Gravette, Arkansas.

As a pastor’s wife, I have come into contact with people from various backgrounds. Some of my friends have drug addicts for parents and struggle with additions themselves. Others come from abusive and dysfunctional homes, others have extremely controlling parents. When I look at these lives, it makes me realize how very blessed that I have a holiness heritage. Both my grandfathers and at least one great-grandfather were holiness preachers. My father invested most of his life in Christian school education. These men didn’t just profess holiness, they lived it. Consequently, my two brothers are very involved in their churches and our three children are serving the Lord. Since our forefathers determined to serve God, a blessing has been felt in each succeeding generation.

Abraham had a choice to make: obey God and step out into the unknown, or stay in comfortable, familiar Ur of the Chaldees. However, God sweetened the command with the promise of his progeny’s becoming a great nation and also being the source of great blessing. How wonderful when people today decide to serve God. Their families and others are recipients of the resulting blessing from God.

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