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Some People Just Can’t Be Used By God

— By Michelle Avery, Editorial Assistant, Herald and Banner Press

 Adam failed. God gave man freedom, but one bite ruined him. Yet remember all those animals God had him name?
 Noah got drunk. Noah had an embarrassing failing, but when everyone else went wrong, he went right and stayed afloat.
 Abraham was old.  Senior discounts were fitting for the couple with a nursery in their tent. God was not worried.
 Isaac lied. Fearing the envy of his new neighbors, he lied about a relationship. He learned, though, and even changed.
  Jacob stole.  From his brother — and tricked his father to do it! Yet God though him raised an incredible family.
 Leah was ugly. Her husband was only tricked into marriage. Still, her children have blessed all of Creation.
 Joseph was abused. He was sold by family! Yet God was using Joseph to “save much people alive.”
 Moses stuttered. Moses’ speech impediment only served to show God’s power more clearly.
 Gideon was afraid. He was hiding when the angel came to make him commander! Yet God made him a hero.
 Rahab was a prostitute. She was not a respectable person, but she did believe in the power of Israel’s God.
 Jeremiah was young. When God called Jeremiah, he responded, “I can’t. I’m too young!” Youth did not stop God.
 David had an affair. David had everything going for him until he got careless. Still God loved and used him.
 Jonah ran from God. Even when Jonah pouted about God’s mercy, God was kind to him and used him.
 Naomi was a widow. She and her family moved away; years later, she moved back — alone. Yet God gave joy.
 Job went bankrupt. People, things, health — gone. When he called God out, God answered for posterity.
 John the Baptist ate bugs. He lived in the desert after all. People called him insane as he fulfilled prophecies.
 The disciples slept during prayer. Once they were Spirit-filled, they went out and turned the world upside down.
 Peter denied Christ. The words came when his life was threatened. Peter hid from the cross then, but never again.
 Martha worried. Guests arriving, and Mary wasting time! Then Christ explained: the spirit is more important than the stomach.
 The Samaritan woman was divorced. Five husbands! She did not seem likely to witness for Christ. Jesus knew better.
 Zaccheus was small. Even in character. He cheated. People enjoyed pushing him aside. Then Jesus challenged him to something better.
 Paul was over-religious. For religion, he imprisoned and killed. Jesus changed him into a missionary spreading what he once cursed.
 Timothy had an ulcer. Maybe his job was a little too stressful, yet God used him to build His church.
 Lazarus was dead! But only until his Friend Jesus stopped by.

Maybe there is not anyone God cannot use.


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