A Day in the Work of Our General Manager

Editing, writing, selecting, planning, and assigning  go with financial decisions, employee concerns, and many phone calls. Of course, there is always the possibility that a leaky roof or bad light might interrupt things.

There really is no “typical” day for the General Manager and Editor of The Herald and Banner Press and Bookstore. He has many duties and commitments. Many people depend on him for information, decisions, and counsel.

He prefers to begin his day in the office well before eight o’clock — with fewer people in the building and less likelihood of phone calls, he can work more efficiently. About half past eight, he gathers with the other employees for prayer. Then the day is left to an ever evolving schedule. He checks his email and responds to queries. He proofreads Banner articles and assigns Opening the Word devotionals.

Questions, problems, conversations, and interruptions are not part of his job description, but people are part of his ministry.

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