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— By Leta Witt, pastor’s wife and free-lance author, Gravette, Arkansas.

Wrong choices. Why do we make them? Fear of what others might think? A lack of faith in a loving God? A stubborn will to do things our own way? Fear that God does not know what He is doing? Pure ignorance?

One summer, I spent two weeks in an ESL academy in southern Arkansas. When the final day arrived, I was elated that we were dismissed two hours earlier than expected. I wanted to get home for the ongoing local campmeeting.

As I headed toward home I came to an intersection where I was faced with a choice, east or west. I knew Gravette was not in the eastern part of the state, so I chose the other road. It was a beautiful day, perfect for driving the six hours home. I hoped to arrive in time for the evening service.

However, after a while I began to feel uneasy. I should have been nearing Little Rock. Then I saw a sign, Texarkana, 8 miles. Surely that was not right! Finally I checked a rest area map and discovered I was indeed on the wrong road. Even today I can feel my chagrin that I had wasted those two precious hours!

The result of that poor choice caused me distress, but Abram’s choice to lie about his wife brought worse consequences. It caused suffering in Pharaoh’s palace, and Abram and his family were sent away from the land of plenty back to the area of famine from which they had fled.

When making choices, it is always best to obey God.

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