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The Perfect Christmas Gift

— by Michelle Avery, Editorial Assistant, Herald and Banner Press

Have you ever found the perfect gift for someone? You know it is just the thing to make your friend’s eyes light up on Christmas morning? That is a wonderful feeling. Giving the gift becomes more fun than waiting for your own gifts. Every time you think of the result of the gift, you get excited. Christmas cannot come soon enough!

I imagine this is just how God felt when He created the universe. He put Adam and Eve in the perfect garden there they would enjoy the most delicious foods, unsurpassable living accommodations, and peaceful cohabitation with a complete menagerie.

Yet, as is too often the case with humanity, God’s gift did not seem to be enough. It cost God a lot. Far more than most of us have ever given.

Still, He paid it. He made the down payment on Christmas. The final installment did not come for more than three decades, but He knew the debt was being paid. While His universe celebrated on that first Christmas, He saw the cost.

And He saw the result of the Gift. Christmas came right on time.

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