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A Badge of Grace

Have you ever seen a Boy Scout display his merit badges? He has a right to be proud. every one of the badges is proof he has done or learned something special. He worked hard to earn those badges. They are his because of merit.

 The Christian idea of grace could be defined as “unmerited favor” — the opposite of a merit badge.

Jesus did the work to bring us salvation, yet He offers us the prize: forgiveness! That is grace.

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“God’s faithfulness was realized when the promise reached its fulfillment and was displayed at Calvary. Salvation is an eternally established gift that had been planned, provided, and determined to be offered to whosoever will receive it,” wrote Dr. Glenn McClure in the February Banner. “The debt owed to God was provided by God through His Son. The security of the restored relationship with God was made possible by God through His Son only. That was and still is God’s gift to man, and the only possession that man needs in order to receive this gift is faith. Now that is grace!”

Check out the February edition of The Church Herald and Holiness Banner to read more about this most wonderful gift of love.

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