— Mark Avery is the Editor and General Manager of the Herald and Banner Press, Inc.

He has never been the subject of an AMBER Alert, but my neighbor is lost. No one kidnaped him. He grew up in a dysfunctional home, yet his parents are not threats; neither is likely to snatch him from his home and whisk him away to another state. Instead, this neighbor is lost in sin. Captured at an early age and growing up with little or no instruction in the Word and righteousness, his heart and mind have been twisted by the world’s way of thinking and living.

Perhaps the Church needs an AMBER Alert system. The system could be used “to instantly galvanize the entire [Church] community to assist in the search for and the safe recovery of” the lost child, parent, friend, or neighbor. How easy it is to get involved in praying for physical needs, financial needs, and emotional needs and to neglect the urgency of praying for people who are lost, wandering through the maze of sinfulness with no hope beyond the present.

We ought to pray for those needs. God is concerned about them and about anything else that concerns us, yet people whom you and I could influence are lost. They do not know Jesus. They are destined for hell unless someone does something to interrupt their journey.

What if the Church recognized every unbeliever as a soul abducted from its rightful owner (God) and implored the Father to reach that soul. What if the Church were motivated not only to pray, but to build relationships with lost people in hopes of pointing them to Christ?

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