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Whose Standard?

— Mark Avery is General Manager and Editor at Herald and Banner Press, Inc.

Probably every fisherman has seen one. It is a twelve inch ruler that fits neatly in a tackle box. On the reverse of the ruler is another measure; it shows thirty equally divided units. A person using the wrong side might claim his fish is thirty inches long when really it is only twelve.

Somewhere we need a standard. That standard is held and maintained by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. We would have a difficult time if everyone set his own standard. As far back as Old Testament times, the Scriptures instructed justice and equity in units of measure. God warned against using dishonest weights in buying and selling.

The New Testament emphasizes godliness of character. Yet who is to say what is godly and what is not?

Jesus was and is the standard by which we measure our spiritual well-being. Height, weight, age, and appearance are of little importance. What really matters is how we measure up to the moral character of Christ.

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