Wise Women House Builders

— By Mark Avery, General Manager and Editor, Herald and Banner Press, Inc.

“Every wise woman buildeth her house” (Pro. 14:1)

The idea of building a house is used in three different ways in the Bible. First, it was used of building Solomon’s Temple.

The idea of building a house was also used in the sense of constructing a residence.

Proverbs 14:1 illustrates the third usage of building a house. In this sense, building a house has less to do with the construction of a physical building and more to with the home built inside that structure. The home grows, develops, and prospers only under someone’s direction.

A wise couple will pray together. My parents’ generation taught us, “The family that prays together stays together.” That statement is supported by research. We have heard that one out of two marriages ends in divorce, and the statistic is slightly worse among evangelicals than it is in the world at large. Another statistic shows that one of 1153 marriages ends in divorce if the couple prays together. If you want your marriage to last, pray together.

A wise couple will worship together. Regular attendance at a church where the Bible is believed, taught, and translated into daily Christian living will help the couple grow, mature, and be strong in the faith. If your church does not produce mature believers, something is wrong.

A wise couple will spend time together. Our society often emphasizes quality time, but where family is concerned, quality time requires quantity time. When children are in the home, large amounts of time enable parents to instill values and principles in them that can only be learned through spending time together.

A wise couple will establish spiritual priorities. Priorities help us to determine where we focus our time and energy. Those committed to house-building — men and women alike — make a concerted effort to ensure their priorities for the home are reached.

Marriage, family, and children do not come with owner’s manuals. Yet the Bible offers principles that, if followed, will bring success. A wise woman will do her part to see that her house is built on those principles. The same can be said of a wise man.


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