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The Sailboat

Imagine this: You and your family rose very early this morning and piled into the car. You have been driving for eight hours and have finally arrived at the beginning of your much anticipated vacation. Everyone is excited. The first event? A relaxing ride on a sailboat!

You gather your children and belongings and board the vessel. The three-man crew soon has your journey underway. You trust them to do their jobs, yet something has you concerned. The sail has not been put up. At first, you convince yourself it is not necessary or safe perhaps. We must get away from other boats before the sail can be useful. There is not much wind. Perhaps it just is not practical.

Finally, when the boat has traveled with alternate power for half an hour, you ask a crew member, “Why aren’t we using that fine sail above us?” His answer might surprise you.

“Oh, we don’t need it. The engine still works.”

Be careful. God might want to send you a helpful wind sometime, but if your sail is not up, if you are only depending on past blessings, you will miss it.

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