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A Circle of Prayer

— Brandon Speak pastors the Lockhart, Mississippi Church of God (Holiness) and serves in the Department of Devotions on the Harmony Hill Youth Council.

The Youth Council members who were in attendance at the Minister’s Prayer Retreat knelt, and a group of pastors gathered around us and cried out to God for the youth of our churches and prayed for the blessing of God on Harmony Hill Youth Camp.

As I reflect on the more than twenty years I have been associated with Harmony Hill Youth Ministries in some form or another (which is a pretty big chunk of my life since I am only thirty), whether that was attending Boy’s Camp or Youth Camp or now that I am on the Youth Council, I have seen the impact this ministry has on lives. It had a profound impact on my own life, and I am thoroughly convinced it is because there is a group of people who love the youth of every generation and who stand behind the efforts of Harmony Hill Youth Ministries to share the truth of the love of God with the current generation.

We still need that support. We still need to be surrounded by the prayers of those who care for the youth of this generation. That group of pastors lifted up the needs of Harmony Hill, and I challenge all of you to lift us up before God in your prayers. Ask God to bless today’s youth. They are already an important part of what God is doing in our churches and not too many years down the road they will be the pastors of our churches. God cares about teenagers, and we at Harmony Hill care about them. God is raising up leaders for generations to come, and He does it on the Hill. Please take the cue from these ministers and surround us with your prayers.

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