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You would think the main purpose of this bookstore would be to sell books. I will admit that selling our product is very important. God expects us to be good stewards by paying our employees and keeping our bills paid on time. Yet our ministry is not just about the business of selling. We desire above all to be used of God to reach out to those who come into our store needing help.

We have customers wanting a book for a friend who has cancer. Maybe the request will be a book to give a child who has lost a parent. Quite often an adult will ask for a book to help a friend who has just lost a spouse or child. Many times we are asked for a book or gift to help a person who lost a loved one by suicide. In these times, the personnel in the bookstore become God’s hand reaching out to those who are hurting.

Another aspect of our ministry is to help Christian workers find products which will aid their ministry. Our former manager, Mae Dee LaRose, used to say we were the supply line for those on the front line. I agree with her. Whether it is a special Bible, book, or song, we strive to do our best to fill the request.

Like many other ministries, we, too, have been affected by the economy. Our sales have been affected by the creation of large chain stores, discount publishers, and internet sales. We are grateful to the churches and individuals who give us an opportunity to try for better deals.

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