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The King James Version

— Robert Thompson, Jr. is pastor of the Church of God (Holiness) in Red Bay, Grand Cayman.

I have looked at the history of the King James Version and marvel that it survived its infancy. I do not believe any version had the scholastic setting of the foremost English universities at a time English was producing some of its most well known literary giants (William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon). Although they did not work in this translating of the Bible, the language evolution was prevalent. The forty-seven men who did the work were High Church to Puritan in their church positions and lively debates were common. The work of revision and spelling, printing techniques and punctuation all made the process far from automatic. Thank God we have His Word preserved to us in the KJV.

God used the English and American missionary movement to evangelize around the globe. The KJV was the standard text for 250 years for the English speaking peoples and basis for almost all the commentaries of those years. I have worked most of my ministry outside of the USA and find the KJV is still a standard. The great revivals of this era had the KJV.

In closing I must thank God for giving us His Word, and as an English speaker I am thankful I have the privilege of reading and hearing the KJV.

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