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Bernoulli’s Principle

by Michelle Avery

Have you ever wondered how God can use you? After all, other people are better at speaking or singing or meeting new people, so why would He want to use you? Romans chapter 12 says that everyone has at least one gift and a special place to use it in God’s plan.

But still, how can one measly little gift be enough to help in God’s work?

When God created the universe, it was a lot more involved than what we would do. Making a model of the solar system — even with rotating moons — is nothing compared to all He did. He set down all the laws of physics and mathematics that keep everything running as it should. He made gravity to keep everything together. He made light to travel at one speed and sound at another. When He said the creation was good, He meant even the rules that would make it continue for thousands of years.

It has taken us a long time to figure out these rules about our world. In 1903 when the Wright brothers finally took their first successful airplane into the air, they were demonstrating laws the birds had been taking advantage of for a long time. For instance, Bernoulli’s Principle says that a moving fluid (either liquid or gas) loses pressure the faster it moves. This means if the air above the plane’s wing is moving faster than the air below it, the bottom air will be pushing harder than the top air, and the plane will lift.

See what that means? The wings are specially shaped so that when the engines start moving the plane forward, the top air moves fast enough that the plane can go up. The engines get the process started, but the law of God is what makes it work!

Phillipians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” God gave us talents to get us started, but it’s His power that really lets us work in His kingdom!


Try this experiment to see Bernoulli’s principle in action.

Step 1: Get your parents’ permission and help. Trust me; it’s better that they know ahead of time.

Step 2: Collect your materials: A roll of toilet paper, a broom stick, and a hair dryer (or leaf blower if you want to do this big!).

Step 3: Make sure you have plenty of open room.

Step 4: Put the roll of toilet paper on the broom stick with a few squares hanging down from the top.

Step 5: Turn on the hair dryer and hold it just above the toilet paper. With the fast moving air above and the more still air below, the paper should rise. That’s Bernoulli’s Principle in action!


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A Famous Mother

— By Michelle Avery, Editorial Assistant, Herald and Banner Press, Inc.

Mary, one of the most famous mothers in the history of mankind, must have been worried by the problem of busyness and feeling like her life was going by too quickly. After all, she was only carrying the Son of the Almighty. That little one beginning to learn to talk? Just the one who spoke an entire universe into existence. Can you imagine the first time young Mary cleaned up her Son’s bloodied knee? Do you suppose she realized the knowledge and the healing power He had?

Maybe she did not realize at first. How could she understand the role her Son would play in the history of the world? The angel had explained how a virgin could become a mother but not how that Baby would be able to save the world. Surely Mary did not know what was in store for her Son.

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). In other words, “Every circumstance relative to her son’s birth, Mary treasured up in her memory; and every new circumstance she weighed, or compared with those which had already taken place, in order to acquire the fullest information concerning the nature and mission of her son” (Adam Clarke).

Even with all the prophecies down through the centuries and the recent messages from the angels, Mary did not know how life would treat her Son. What she did know — and could trust — was that there was a faithful and loving God overseeing everything He would encounter. And taking time to weigh that certainty against each new experience kept life from running away from her.

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