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So How Big is God?

A little over thirty-five years ago, NASA launched two spacecraft designed to travel to parts of our universe never before reached my any man-made craft. For thirty-five years Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have been powering through outer space, pushing toward the edge of what we know.

For thirty-five years, scientists have been listening to and looking at every scrap of information these two travellers have sent back. So much knowledge has been gained!

And so much perspective. Can you believe that humanity once believed planet Earth was the central point andĀ largest massĀ of the universe? It seems like a ridiculous notion now.

But then, humanity has also often tended toward self-centeredness. Once, many years ago, a thirty-something-year-old Man who knew just how small Earth is compared to the rest of the Universe.

Yet He came. He came because God is bigger. Bigger than the universe. Bigger even than all the smallness in the universe.

That is how big God is.

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