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The Newness of the Year

So many things in our lives reflect the newness of a new year. Resolutions, vacation days, financial records, and school terms all get rebooted for the shiny new month we call January.

A new year is a wonderful time to start fresh. Opportunities that had been pushed aside are claimed as we determine to make this year better than the last. Slates are wiped clean as learning both continues and restarts for each student. Plans are begun for new adventures and investments throughout the coming months.

Since businesses are made up of individuals with this starting anew mentality, it is no surprise that January brings changes in the business world as well. Herald and Banner is certainly looking at some new things.

Perhaps the most exciting for this month at least is the arrival of new equipment. A digital press that will allow for more color and expanded opportuinities is already running in our press building. Such excitement surrounds this new opportunity!

May God also bless you in this coming year.


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